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Updates all of your WowAce, WowInterfaceWorldOfWar.net or Subversion (SVN) hosted addons quickly and easily.



Update-Addons [-skipSvn] [-verbose]





Detailed Description

Update-Addons scans your addons folder and tries to figure out whether each addon needs to be updated or not. For each addon it finds, it performs the following checks, in order:

  • If it should be ignored (see Addon Configuration below), then it is skipped.
  • It is is a Subversion working copy and -skipSvn is not specified, the 'svn update' command is run on that folder.
  • If the addon is configured to be updated from WorldOfWar.net or WowInterface.com, the server is polled to see if an update is available and it is downloaded and installed if needed.
  • If it is not configured, the WowAce database is checked to see if the addon is part of the WowAce family and then the addon is updated if needed.
  • If the addon isn't WowAce a message is displayed telling the user that the addon can't be updated by the script.



This script requires that you have Info-Zip unzip.exe and RARLabs unrar.exe on your path somewhere. Both are free. Simply download them and put them in a folder on your path and you should be fine.


Addon Configuration

The Update-Addons script uses a configuration file to help it figure out what to do. This file is named 'addons.ps1' and should be placed in your World of Warcraft Addons folder. In it you can configure addons that should be ignored and you can specify things like WowInterface.com IDs for the script to use.


Here is a sample file that shows all of its features:


$wowiAddons = @{
'!!Warmup' = 4939;
'!OmniCC' = 4836;
'Auctioneer' = 4812;
'FlightMap' = 3897;
'Clique' = 5108;
'ForAllIndentsAndPurposes' = 4895;
'FriendsWithBenefits' = 6931;
'tekKompare' = 6837;
'TheBigPicture' = 4919;
'TheLowDown' = 4896;

$uiworldofwarnetAddons = @{
'AdvancedTradeSkillWindow' = 2092;

$ignoredAddons = @{
# Bits from Auctioneer
'!Swatter' = 0;
'BeanCounter' = 0;
'BtmScan' = 0;
'Enchantrix' = 0;
'EnhTooltip' = 0;
'Informant' = 0;
'Stubby' = 0;

# Blizzard Addons
'Blizzard_AuctionUI' = 0;
'Blizzard_BattlefieldMinimap' = 0;
'Blizzard_BindingUI' = 0;
'Blizzard_CombatText' = 0;
'Blizzard_CraftUI' = 0;
'Blizzard_GMSurveyUI' = 0;
'Blizzard_InspectUI' = 0;
'Blizzard_ItemSocketingUI' = 0;
'Blizzard_MacroUI' = 0;
'Blizzard_RaidUI' = 0;
'Blizzard_TalentUI' = 0;
'Blizzard_TradeSkillUI' = 0;
'Blizzard_TrainerUI' = 0;


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